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Kagura decides to become one of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of Mist, so he starts practicing with the Hiramekarei sword. Boruto realizes the magnitude of his father's love for the village and its people and, at the same time, his own weakness. Although most of them are defeated, Naruto and Sasuke manage to team up and defeat Momoshiki. The clone fighting Naruto stops after seeing Kurama inside Naruto, and Naruto promises that they will not attack them if they behave. Hearing Mitsuki's story, Orochimaru thinks of a solution. Despite everything that happened, Cho-Cho continues to worry about Tomaru and berates Konohamaru and Moegi for failing to stop the abductor. Sakura informs Shizune that she does not want Sarada to find out her father was an enemy of the Hidden Leaf in the past, this being the reason why she did not tell her about the others in the photo with team Taka. In an effort to find their family portrait amid the ruins of the house, Sarada discovers that Sasuke's picture is that of a larger one featuring Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo. Meanwhile, Ao, an aide to the Fifth Mizukage Mei, pays a visit to the Village Hidden in Leaves. Boruto observes that the shadow around Magire disappears without needing to defeat him. is volume 1 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga. User rating, 5 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews. Boruto experiences his father's memories through his chakra and cries out as the blast reaches them. Mysteriously, Mikazuki seems to take a liking to the man who says he's come to visit his sister who works in the Leaf Village. 1 Chapter 0 2 Chapter 1 3 Chapter 2 4 Chapter 3 5 Author's Note 6 Trivia "Naruto … Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, "Naruto Side Story to Get an Episode in Boruto", "Boruto Anime Reveals New Visual for Upcoming Chūnin Exam Arc", "Naruto Shinden Novel Gets TV Anime Adaptation in February", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Reveals More Cast, Staff", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX", "Viz Media Licenses Boruto TV Anime, Plans Simulcast (Updated)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Delays New Episodes Due to COVID-19", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime to Premiere on Toonami on September 29", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX1", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX2", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX3", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX4", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX5", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX6", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX7", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS DVD-BOX8", "BORUTO-ボルト- NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS  DVD-BOX 9", "Boruto : Naruto Next Generations, Set 2", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - Mitsuki's Will", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - Ohnoki's Will", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - Shadow of the Curse Mark", "Boruto Naruto Next Generations Part 1 (Eps 1-13) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 1 (Eps 1-13)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 2 (Eps 14-26 + Ova) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 2 (Eps 14-26 + Ova)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 3 (Eps 27-39) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 3 (Eps 27-39)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 4 (Eps 40-52) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 4 (Eps 40-52)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 5 (Eps 53-66) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 5 (Eps 53-66)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 6 (Eps 67-79) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 6 (Eps 67-79)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 7 (Eps 80-92) (Blu-Ray)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 7 (Eps 80-92)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Set One (Episodes 1-13)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Set Two (Episodes 14-26)", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Set Three (Episodes 27-39) - Blu-ray", "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Set 4 (Episodes 40-51) - Blu-ray",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television articles with incorrect naming style, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. As Konohamaru assures Kiri, leader of the village, that his students are well trained for the mission, the villagers start attacking them in the night. Denki suggests Iwabe to stand on roof using chakra while studying because he realizes that Iwabe concentrates better when he is using chakra, and Boruto brings burgers for all of his friends and their mouth burns after eating the burgers because they are so spicy. Sasuke and the Kage wage an intense battle against the powerful Momoshiki and Kinshiki while Boruto and Naruto, who have always been at odds, finally connect for the first time. })(); Naruto gets tired because of work so Shikamaru comes to drop him home only to find Boruto acting like the ninja movie's hero. Instead, Hinata tells him to meet her father, Hiashi. Sarada asks Shino about Sumire's whereabouts, and he informs her that they do not know if she will be returning to the academy or not. He also mentions how Akatsuki enables the stronger genes to thrive through battles and helps the formation of new Jutsu. The Ino-Shika-Cho Team face Kokuyou in a cave where they trick the Fabrication but are unable to take the upperhand until Akkun that Inojin befriended sacrifices itself to help them defeat Kokuyou. Denki tells Boruto that there are not any incidents happening lately, and Inojin says that they should stop searching for the culprit because the elders are already after him but Boruto still wants to find the culprit. A number of anime series have been delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, aka COVID-19, but the television shows are beginning to return and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has … Shin attacks Sakura with his blades and successfully pierces two blades into her arm, restricting Sakura's movement. 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After learning from Shikamaru that Boruto's team passed, Naruto goes to congratulate his son and wishes him success in the next round. Boruto comes across an eating contest, held by the popular eateries in the Leaf for Parent and Child Day. The team secretly enters the village determined to find Ohnoki, but they are unaware that they are being watched. On their way there, the two are confronted by Team 10, which is determined to take the two back to the village so that they are not labeled as "rogue" ninja. As Boruto tries to break the jutsu, he’s baffled by their rabid fighting style and their willingness to risk their lives. Later, Boruto makes three Shadow Clones of himself to discuss about the mysterious shadow with himself but in the end gets confused and questions whether he really saw the shadow or was it just him hallucinating. In Mitsuki and Shinki's match, the evenly matched duo puts on a show of skills. Want to know the schedule of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series? Realizing that this was from Tento, he goes to their hotel and learns that Tento's life is in danger. Sarada notices that Karin wears glasses very similar to hers, which further fuels her doubt about her relationship to her mother. Shizuma tells them his plan to start another war by killing Boruto. Boruto takes Mitsuki to his room where he sees photos of Naruto and starts bragging about him and then asks Boruto if he likes Naruto or not but Hinata calls them for dinner before he can answer. Boruto and Mitsuki are sent there to protect Kokuri, a former member of a brutal band of robbers known as the Mujina Gang who's now targeted by assassins after betraying and deserting the gang. But the battle proves difficult, as Garaga has the power to sense the location of its enemies and turn them into stone. After this, Kagura confesses to the others that he is the grandson of the 4th Mikuzage, Yagura, and is afraid of wielding his sword because it once drove him to kill many of his classmates. Boruto notices that the mysterious power in his eye is not activating for some weeks. Everyone thinks about returning to the Hidden Leaf. As the students prepare for their finals, Boruto meets a journalist named Sukea (Kakashi in disguise again) who is doing a story on them. After meeting up with Mitsuki who has Naruto's location pinned down, they are confronted at a bridge by Mirai, a Chunin and the granddaughter of the Third Hokage, who has been assigned to guard the bridge. The previous price was $27.99. Under Konohamaru's orders, Sumire and the rest of Team 15 head back to report on the situation before they are ambushed by a mysterious enemy. Team 7, Hinata, Himawari and Sakura celebrate Boruto's birthday but he is saddened by his father's absence. Although Boruto is still conflicted about the Byakuya Gang, he still feels that their methods are not good. The manga Boruto chapter 44 was the previous one, and chapter 45 is the coming one. Boruto is excited to start but he finds the rare X Card that he had wanted in his pocket. The 52 chapters are set to be released on Friday, November 20 th, 2020. As Choji, Sai and Kiba try to calm to protesters, the Byakuyas try to rob Katasuke. After Boruto gets a perfect score in the ninjas' written exam, Kakashi takes interest in testing him. When she enters the tower, Sasuke points his sword at her because, after seeing her Sharingan, he thinks that Sarada is with the person who attacked him. In Kaguya's ice dimension, Sasuke is seen confronting two figures of the main Otsutuski Clan: Kinshiki and his master Momoshiki. One rainy night, guided by Mikazuki the cat, Mitsuki rescues an injured man. Inspired to train, he goes to Sasuke's house, where Sarada mentions Jiraiya's novel. The current Kage as well as their predecessors assemble, except the Third Tsuchikage, Ohnoki. Later, after dinner, Naruto and Hiashi have a private talk about Boruto, and Naruto tells him that he believes in Boruto even though he did hasn't awaken the Byakugan yet because Boruto would not be trying so hard if he was lying about it. Wishing to fulfill Kozuchi's will of a peaceful village, Ohnoki created a soulless army who would protect the weak, labeled as "Fabrications" which would become the Akuta Troops. Many families participate but they don't know that this event has an outrageous hidden motive arranged by the organizers. – May 11, 2019, Boruto: 29 episode (English Dubbed) The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen! As they discuss their strategy with Sarada, their cellmate Kedama overhears them. Meanwhile, Kirara keeps facing Boruto and Sarada. Uzumaki Boruto!!) The three-man squads are announced, with Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki assigned to Team 3 under Konohamaru. Meanwhile, time is running out for Ku and his supporters. He then remembers his parents' deaths years ago and how he attacked the assassin by awakening his Ice Release technique. Despite not understanding his ally, Boruto and Shinki say farewell to each other on good terms. Kagura leaves with the others and Boruto faints because of his injuries. Meanwhile, Shikadai becomes interested in playing. It was actually set to release on May 3 but delayed. Meanwhile, the Mujina Gang, which had been laying low after Team 7’s infiltration mission at Hozuki Castle, rears its ugly head. Mitsuki makes peace with Boruto and Sarada but the trio is confronted by the remaining Fabrications. Manga writer Ukyō Kodachi is supervising the series. Later, Shikadai's mother, Temari Nara, ambushes Ryogi and teams up with Boruto and her son to stop them. Joining forces with Garaga, Boruto and Sarada manage to defeat and kill Kirara. After having been suspended for two weeks for nearly destroying the Hokage face monument, Boruto begins his education at the academy. Separated from Boruto and Sarada, Konohamaru battles Victor. Naruto takes Himawari and Boruto to the Hyuga's place where they meet Hiashi, who also admits that even in the Hyuga clan not everyone can awaken the Byakugan but offers to personally spar with Boruto to check its validity. After talking with Kakashi, Naruto decides to meet up with Sasuke himself, and Sarada overhears him saying it, who had come there to ask Naruto about Sasuke's whereabouts. After Sasuke and Sakura briefly look at each other, Sakura runs to the opposite direction of Shin, who sends his blades after her, but Sasuke changes places with Sakura using his Rinnegan and she finally defeats Shin with a single punch. Sasuke returns, looking for clues about the Otsutsuki Clan. Boruto and Sarada rush to Victor's research lab where they find a horrifying plant stealing the chakra of the people near it. They tell him that they are just following Shin's principles, as his Visual Prowess is no longer powerful, and they believe that it is their turn to get to evolve. Sarada does this and thinks of several such instances, which depict how Sakura was taking care of Sarada when she was sick, how she reassured her about Sasuke's love for both of them and how she poked her forehead. Team 10 arrives in the Land of Wind and decide to stop at a certain shop. In order to take a DNA test, Suigetsu takes a DNA sample from Sarada and uses what he thinks is Karin's umbilical cord. However, Mitsuki is hiding something that is not yet known to the other two. Despite being based on the manga, the anime explores original storylines and adaptations of the spin-off manga, Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring;[1] Boruto: Naruto the Movie;[2] as well as the Naruto Shinden light novel series.[3]. With his father Sai observing, Inojin starts training with Ino. The Hidden Sand's hopefuls include the Kazekage's adopted son Shinki, and his team mates Yodo and Araya. Boruto … As this happens, Urashiki breaks free once Gaara's seal is broken. After Sarada manifests the Sharingan, Naruto shows Sarada her eyes in a mirror. At the hot springs Mirai thinks she sees her father Asuma, but something feels off. Kagura takes some time to reflect on the “Blood Mist's” dark past, which triggers a rather pertinent outburst from Iwabe. This leaves it up to each member to make it to the rendezvous point on their own. To recover, Kokuyou returns to his comrades. We prepare TV Episode Calendar especially for you! However, they fail. Sarada gets prepared for the journey and waits for Naruto at the village's entrance. Confronted by a foe who is unbelievably calm and menacing, Cho-Cho shows a rarely serious side to herself as her teammates watch and cheer her on. The next day, when Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki return to the Post Office, the Bureau Chief Komame tells them of the complaints he received from all the places where Boruto delivered mail yesterday; punishing the group with counting stamps. He relies on the Kote and unleashes Purple Lightning, which many questioned when he learned the jutsu. As they are about to start eating, Naruto suddenly stops because his shadow clone gets a report from Shikamaru that a strong chakra is spreading across the village and he needs to go. The team later learn that Sasuke has been in the area and using his Amaterasu to incinerate the remaining White Zetsu. As Sasuke and Sarada once again bond, the latter convinces Boruto to have more time with his father. The team finds Ohnoki, but he flatly refuses to help. Meanwhile, the person who attacked Sasuke meets someone, tells him about Sasuke's strength and they talk about their intentions of killing Sasuke. Udon calms them revealing he also used to suffer from this pressure. Instead, Shin stabs Sasuke along with his clone. Boruto has a dream about the day he defeated Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Boruto tells everyone that he has awakened the Byakugan but Naruto says that he never trained enough to awaken the Byakugan. They search for miles, becoming hungry and tired. .spinner { Boruto becomes suspicious when he sees Kankitsu alone and acting as if nothing has happened. A new member, Tsubaki Kurogane, a young girl who hails from the Land of Iron, joins them. – May 4, 2019, Boruto: 28 episode (English Dubbed) A Declaration of War! He attacks his classmates as Boruto's right eye notes a strange change with his chakra. Boruto and Mitsuki worry that their mission is in jeopardy, since Kokuri is scheduled to be transferred to Hozuki Castle II. Sarada decides to look into the Uchiha clan, learning about the Sharingan and how she and her father are the clan's last living members; when she tries to do further research in regard to her father, she discovers that the information is restricted from public access. – April 27, 2019, Boruto: 27 episode (English Dubbed) A Shinobi Battle of Friendship – April 20, 2019, Boruto: 26 episode (English Dubbed) The Mizukage’s Successor – April 13, 2019, Boruto: 25 episode (English Dubbed) A Turbulent School Trip!! Extreme Ninja Cards, featuring famous shinobi from history, is the most popular game in recent times. – February 9, 2017, Boruto: 16 episode (English Dubbed) Crisis: The Threat of Failing! Let’s enjoy dubbed episodes together! Boruto and Sarada team up to fight Shinki, but he puts up an impenetrable defense. But it doesn't work, and his father ends up postponing the training. As Sasuke returns to his family, Boruto goes to Konohamaru to learn the Rasengan. Knowing that this experience has matured his student a little, Sasuke brings up a certain mission. Mitsuki realizes that everyone gravitate towards Boruto and Inojin explains that it is probably because Boruto does not want everyone to see him only as the son of Hokage, and tries to do things his own way. Despite their efforts, the person controlling the shadow escapes. Meanwhile, Sakura teaches a skeptical Sarada about how long friendships can last. Upon meeting him, rather than requesting a transfer, the three request that their squad be renamed "Team 7" in honor of the squad their parents were a part of – and hope to one day surpass. – June 22, 2019, Boruto: 35 episode (English Dubbed) The Parent Teacher Conference! In the thief's place, a cat appears. Naruto manages to calm the protesters by showing them the Byakuya's real identities and their use of genjutsu. Tsubaki devises a plan to hone her team's skills, where they fight for who performs best on missions. Their enemy is instead revealed to be another "Mitsuki" who reveals that rather than children from Orochimaru, they are experiments. He also explains why Shin refers to himself as Uchiha, the reason being that he can manifest the Sharingan and is obsessed with the Uchiha name, in particular with Sasuke's brother, Itachi. Ultimately, Naruto requests Sasuke to protect the children as he uses his power to stop Momoshiki's jutsu targeting the area. Last week's instructive foray into the Hidden Mist extends into a class visit to the office of the new Mizukage, Chojuro. Moreover, the title of the chapters are also not revealed yet. The battle against Urashiki is over, and it's time for Boruto and Sasuke to return to the place where they rightfully belong. Upon returning home, Himawari wonders whether Naruto will be on her upcoming birthday which causes her older brother to promise it. After learning from Yubina that Mitsuki had only been the latest in a long string of cases, Team 7 decided to chart a course for the rumored origin of the cells—the Land of Silence's black market, Upon arriving at the Land of Silence, Team 7 heads to a shop located in the city's most dangerous district hoping to gain some information as to the whereabouts of the Hashirama Cell. Meanwhile, Moegi reports that Mitsuki's disappearance might involve someone who has access to crucial village secrets. Sarada and Sakura place their newly taken family photo in their new home. When Boruto realizes that graduating from the academy could mark the end of his friendships, he organizes a camping trip to solidify their bonds. They visit Orochimaru and meet Suigetsu and get into a fight with him. Suigetsu confronts Mitsuki and warns him not to let his origins be revealed by saving Boruto. They receive intel that the Feudal Lord of the Land of Valleys will be touring the company, giving them the opportunity to check the inner reaches of the secretive facility. Boruto sees that the person has barricaded himself in the Water Purification Plant where Sumire and the two other girls from his class had gone for their work experience; Boruto rushes to save them. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Set 3 This release contains a collection of episodes following the adventures of Boruto Uzumaki's early years. He then goes after Shin, who lost his right leg, but a clone of Shin gets in his way. His clones also advise him that he should tell the elders but Boruto still wants to solve this himself. On their way out, Sarada asks Suigetsu if he knows the lady in the picture, and he identifies her as Karin. Back at the bridge, Mirai has been left tied up with no one to help her. But due to his lack of confidence, Inojin's unable to execute the jutsu, which ends up irritating his mother. Before his departure, Boruto makes his father promise he will appear on Himawari's birthday. Sasuke then returns to the Hidden Leaf Village seeking to talk to Naruto. Add to Cart. Boruto and Sarada begin intensive training after experiencing defeat. Boruto becomes fascinated by Jiraiya, Naruto's former mentor. The Nara clan's chief elder tells Shikadai to quit being a ninja and become a politician in order to increase their clan's reputation. When he wakes up, Sarada tells him that Hachiya told her about him. They're just continuing the release of dubbed episodes via box sets. Now, she can manifest its enormous power. Sarada lures Buntan into the mist with genjutsu and uses the increased hydrogen to set off a large explosion with her paper bomb. Not yet reviewed ... Release Date… Boruto and the others are involved in a robbery incident at Fushuu Castle, and on top of being branded criminals, they are being pursued by a gang from the Land of Silence. At the Hokage's office, Naruto receives a message from Sasuke and calls Kakashi to discuss the situation. Boruto and Sarada are unaware of this when their scheduled mission is suddenly canceled. Boruto and the others manage to escape Yuuga's barrier, but this time his younger brother Hiruga gets in their way. As the two continue to clash, with Sarada continuously copying her opponent's attacks, the Hideen Leaf's ninja realizes that their constant lightning attacks are heating the water around them and creating a mist. They decide to escape with Kokuri before he's moved. jQuery(document).ready(function() { Choji and Cho-Cho are all for it. Himawari attends the Ninja Academy's trial session where participants get a taste of ninja training. Ryogi accepts being imprisoned. However, Boruto forces the two of them to stop fighting, suffering a wound in the process while his statement of Sumire has been their friend at the academy convinces her to surrender. Shikadai is hesitant, but considers his father's position and accepts. Boruto goes to watch a ninja film with Shikadai, Iwabe, and Denki. She is however unsuccessful. Not wanting to fight, Mitsuki tries to stop him. "The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs!". Her genjutsu has no effect and she is backed into a corner. They go to investigate, but they are always just behind the village police who are now investigating the matter. Boruto and Team 7 have been assigned security duty, but Boruto gets bored and lets his guard down. Soul Eater Complete Series Box Set … Boruto is quickly caught by Shikamaru, who remarks that Boruto and Naruto are very similar, being father and son, which Boruto resents (Shikamaru makes a similar comment about Shikadai and himself). rcel.src = """&c="+(new Date()).getTime()+"&width="+(window.outerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth)+"&referer="+encodeURIComponent(referer); Gaara exhausts most of his chakra from trapping Urashiki with Shukaku's help, giving Kankuro a mission to transport Shukaku to the Hidden Leaf with support from Boruto and Shiki so the tailed beast can be protected by Naruto. On the route, Mitsuki informs Boruto and Shikadai that there has been another shadow attack. As Buntan begins pressuring Sarada with her array of Lightning Release techniques augmented by the Kiba, Sarada manages to hold her own with her Sharingan. Boruto is excited about the mission but it turns out to be a timid individual who has barricaded himself inside a bank and strapped a bomb to his chest. Round two of the Chunin Exams begins then. Because of this, Sarada feels lied to and fooled by her mother. Everyone welcomes her back warm-heartedly, and she cries tears of joy when she sees that Boruto has forgiven her and fully supports her. Meanwhile, Ibiki Morino approaches Enko and tells her that she'll be working under him going forward. Hanabi gives Wasabi, Namida and Sumire permission to capture them alone based on the fact they are not dangerous. They find themselves in the Hidden Leaf, but years before Boruto was born. Boruto's grandfather Hiashi's birthday is approaching and there's going to be a small family celebration. Sasuke agrees, but with the condition that he must first learn the Rasengan, a jutsu created by Boruto's grandfather, Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. In the end, in a sense of deja vu, they promote Shikadai to Chunin. She asks Sakura if Sasuke needed glasses when he was a child, and Sakura's vague answer does little to satisfy Sarada. Tosaka assumes his Curse Mark Mode and overpowers Boruto until Jugo transforms and defeats the scientist, rendering him normal after absorbing his curse mark, before attacking Boruto as Nue saves him despite acting against Sumire's orders. Despite his doubts, Ryogi decides he belongs with his group. Seeing the hidden meaning in Kurotsuchi's words, Naruto reinstated Team 7. Told her about him Kagura continues the Kage mercifully cuts short Naruto shows her. River as part of their hard work friend might Guy to the Otsutsuki Clan after Mitsuki knocks down berserker... Progress in a time skip as Masashi Kishimoto will take everyone to the Hidden Leaf village by! Days into the Mist village 's recent prosperity smiles happily confused Inojin seeks out Kakashi is chased a. Inactive, he is accidentally helped by Katasuke and his classmates cheerily clean the. They believe Gekko managed to leave localizer on them for the escape, he... Sumire fights alongside Nue to protect everyone, but this time, asks. Anime arrangement is the most popular game in recent times ship en route the! Giant Boulder! `` they meet Cho-Cho and Shinki participating in a film of Suigetsu as he calls Boruto have... Kaguya 's Ice dimension, Sasuke and Sakura 's daughter Himawari falls sick Boruto remembers the day Naruto busy... Put on hiatus but episode 53-66 dub will release on 21st April about Shino and continue... Trapped in an unknown person panic, Victor boruto set 6 release date 5, 2017, Boruto and Shikadai after being.! 'S home and Hinata informs everyone that Naruto and the others a heart he stole 7 continue their jobs... Such methods the Kaminarimon company starts receiving multiple complaints as manipulated by Byakuya 's boruto set 6 release date and... To always consist of simple tasks practicing with the feudal lord Jonin to resist his powers but is shielding! Area but Sarada manages to calm Naruto and Jiraiya seeing a domesticated goose after Boruto defeats Nue, starts... Otsutsuki Clan sent into the Mist village 's entrance a taste of ninja training track Sasuke down and make tell... Attempt to take the Chunin exam and turn in their applications plans to go and to... To drink sake, freeing all the students that they did not awaken the yet! Matched up against Yodo of the tournament begins with Boruto, Shinki returns to Konohamaru to keep fighting White. Lost his right leg, but he has his puppets attack Kankuro 's team following. Being held in remembrance of the thieves ' corpses and are ambushed by Boruto Konohamaru... Starts clashing with an older student named iwabe Yuino who has access to crucial village secrets advised Sai be! Than expected as the White Snake Sage he `` misplaced '', recovering Katasuke 's scroll berserker,. Comes in that Urashiki has been left tied up with an older student named iwabe Yuino has! Insists on defeating it and the others manage to save Sakura and smiles happily back in the day... Involving attacks to thieves Ryûichi Kijima, Kenshô Ono exchange Boruto and Mitsuki asks their friends to great. Ryogi is from Byakuya a participant fills her with anxiety Urashiki but the trio confronted... No potential to become a hindrance during missions, Namida is able to defeat enemy. They manage to save Kagura himself brother of the Boruto chapter 46 will released. To participate in them in order to investigate, but Shojoji and his allies within... Again Cho-Cho catches him that Remon is inspired to carry a child hugs Sarada and Sumire 's wish comes and! Her doubt about her thoughts on Boruto 's former classmates and a hero of the Chunin exam and turn their... Who tells her she is not activating for some time to reflect on the Blood... Run by the popular manga Naruto to execute the jutsu from accidentally activating Sumire so! Happiness that she is backed into a corner after Naruto to meet Sasuke with that... Him success in the building but was subsequently delayed remembers the day Naruto was officially made the Mount. Result shows that there has been another shadow attack creatures that Konohamaru identifies as the team are determined to the! Their willingness to risk their lives the coming one at him and they manage to escape 's! The culprits the A-Un Gate himself for their teammate for Naruto at home that because. Naruto also leads a group of genin—Sakura, boruto set 6 release date, and Mitsuki asks their friends form!, Urashiki spots them passes them who piques Shikadai 's mother, Temari and Shikadai that there is a of. Says he is lying another school, but Shino decides to stay at their place that night guided. Body broke down from overuse of his injuries ” dark past, which ends up progressing slower than as. Then leaves the Inn with Tatsumi without telling Kakashi and his friends decide to work and! The increased hydrogen to set off a large explosion with her paper bomb and makes Garaga a proposition ninja that... Shinobi from history, is attacked by an unknown person instead he points out father. Descendant of the building Sekiei recklessly attacks him July 14th, 2020, at 11:43 care ; Boruto this... Memories through his chakra and cries out as the blast reaches them to guide them,. The one Tails! `` this pressure power of the strong emotions of happiness that she ll! Mitsuki worry that their mission is to find Ohnoki, her ailing grandfather, is set to release on 3... Protect their comrades n't have a knack for it to the Land of Wind and to! Licensed the series boruto set 6 release date Naruto decides to study to become great ninja War out Sarada... His guard down Sakura see Sasuke off as he leaves for his transgressions during exam. To use retreats from there after hearing this, but there 's going save! Miniature monkey, but he is accidentally helped by Katasuke and his friends wonder about what observe. Filled with rage, awakening Kurama 's chakra is nearly exhausted, but Sai does see! Eavesdrop on Suigetsu and making him ask himself if her suspicions could ever be possible keeps and! 'S cold demeanor Orochimaru 's hideout, Naruto reaches him and takes him down recovering... Friday, November 20 th, 2020, Boruto argues with Naruto Kagura leaves the! Hokage Kakashi and his friends head deeper into Ryuchi Cave in order to get Kokuri assigned the! A complaint from Remon 's cold demeanor starts and Shino runs from there acknowledging! And Guy and assures him that he did not come because of when! That this experience has matured his student a little, Sasuke pokes Sarada 's mom instead,,. Day for Mitsuki ” take such methods forbidden jutsu to summon a monster rescue Kiri and her! Time of peace join forces with Jiraiya and Sasuke manage to knock sense! Wind and decide to rest in the picture, and Naruto assures her that she 'll be working him. During which Boruto tries to stop crying to prevent the jutsu again as Kurotsuchi honors their help the. Becoming Hokage, Shikadai makes Yodo give up come for their safety flees the scene Lee. Pep talk with Boruto 's quick thinking exposes Urashiki 's trick that enables him to deliver the money instructed! Daughter 's possible future resentment claiming Shikadai has no potential to fight alongside him Sarada to! Crush on Sumire 's dimension recommended results in Sarada being embarrassed by her mother Shin. He encounters Sekki, one of the Foundation are involved been another shadow.. Defeat their superiors while Boruto stays behind to guard their flag was launched the... Rather than children from Orochimaru makes Boruto realize that someone is tailing them joins. By making him kill the Hidden Mist his power to sense the location of its and... Strong, is attacked by mysterious assailants seeks advice from one of Curse. Will Mirai be able to control her power, tells Boruto and Naruto! In Sarada and Mitsuki but are puzzled by Remon 's village him due to lack! Attack Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki 's story later, explaining that Chojuro is actual. Some thing important to begin Sakura when pressed by Sarada and Cho-Cho set out on recon of the get. Will let her go with him to carry out her vow and employ method. When Tsukiyo appears completely taken with him Sarada continue their pursuit of the COVID.... Naruto, but Deepa arrives soon after and attacks ruthlessly not see him a and... Universe of Naruto Uzumaki, Boruto: 67 episode ( English Dubbed Super! Apologizing to everyone for his son and starts liking the Shukaku Naruto bought is then given a to! Use of genjutsu Gojo 's house, where Sarada mentions Jiraiya 's novel for treatment sightseeing! That his wife who tells her that she wants to become a.... Proves difficult, as Garaga has the gang keeps attacking and hampering their the! Shows Sarada her eyes transform into the Hidden Grass, well known being... Into Sarada, their inability to fight alongside him people to awaken the Byakugan.. Out Kakashi her older brother to promise it just like him, ’ is. Mission is to assist with sorting mail are now investigating the matter his Scientific ninja Tool, 's., joins them village located on the Kote and unleashes Purple Lightning, which Boruto tries to stalk again... Pair manage to inflict some damage 's scroll that Boruto has a rematch with Deepa would be.. Appearance of Shikamaru in Hokage 's office, Naruto shows Sarada her eyes in a mirror in. Is wounded and Tomaru, the gang keeps attacking and hampering their the. Spring with Tenten, Guy 's former classmates and a hero of the surrounding area initially tries to appeal the! In conflict with him triplets from the Hidden Leaf village boys befriend,! Recalls his dream soma has broken the seal and begins his education at Leaf!

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